• TV room with DTH
  • Separate reading room facilities (news paper, weekly and monthly magazines)


  • Indoor sports (Carom, Chess, etc.)
  • Separate Badminton and Volley Ball courts in ladies hostel campus
  • Multi-Gym for Gents and Ladies


The parents, relatives are provided suitable accommodation on payment basis within the campus in the guest house.


The hostel is well supplied with electricity by one 500 kVA and another 300 kVA transformers. 3 diesel generator sets with a total capacity of 437.5 kVA caters to the emergency electricity needs. The roads are lighted by 70 watts Metal Halide Lamps and 125/250 watts Mercury Vapour Lamps throughout our campus.


The hostel has internet connection with a bandwidth of 20 Mbps from Reliance InfoComm enabling high speed access. The introduction of Wi-Fi technology to the hostels has boosted the usage of individual laptops thereby bringing near the dream of our college to provide a hustle free learning culture.


The students are taken care through the Medical Centre located inside the campus. The Residential Medical Officer regularly conducts periodical medical checkup to the Hostel students. Medical assistance is given by well experienced residential doctor round the clock. Transport facilities are available to handle emergency cases.  


Mineral water supply in the campus ensures potable water for all the insiders of the college. In an environment friendly approach, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is erected for treating the used water from the hostels and reusing it to water the plants. Also, there is a percolation Pond created by the college near the gents’ hostel to enable massive rain water harvesting. This helps the institute to meet the water demand at all times.


24-hour security with state-of-the-art technology support.


The college arranges through government agencies a safe and secure transportation service available, twice in a month and festival periods for ladies students, to reach their home safely.