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This page is exclusively for members. We have about 150 members and the membership is still growing. The various benefits for the members and the offers from the SAEISS are continuously updated here

Factory Visit

Factory Visit SAEISS organises factory visits regularly to enhance practical knowledge of the students. Some of those Factories to which SAEISS organised factory visits are Ashok Leyland, UCAL, CVRDE etc. Members should use these oppurtunities and gain maximum exposure from these trips. Check out this month’s schedule for Factory Visits at

SAE Trek

Trekking is another event organised by SAEISS. This is a 2 day program. The first day will be indoors were Engineering. Development Process is taught. The 2nd day will be outdoor trekking. Trekking kits will be provided. Check out this month schedule for trekking at


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