SAEINDIA Student Convention is an event conducted SAEISS. This is a yearly event conducted on late September or early October. Convention consists of the following events:

    • Business Plan
    • Aero Design and Fabrication
    • Technical Papers
    • Auto Quiz
    • Modelling and Animation
    • Computer Aided Analysis
    • Computer Aided Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing Tech Challenge
    • Prototype Modelling


All contests will be conducted in 3 tier format...

    • Tier-1: College Level (Competition in Every College)
    • Tier-2: Division Level Finals at Divisional Centres(Top team in every college moves to zonal competition)
    • Tier-3: Convention level (Top 2 teams from every zone moves to final)




    • Competition Rules by SAE India Southern Section
    • Training material by SAE India Southern Section
    • Industry volunteers to support and oversee contests
  • Teams from other sections – wild card entry into tier-2