Robotics Club is a body of passionate students at MSEC that provide not only resources and technical knowledge to make stuff but also develop the critical imagination and innovation skills needed to encapsulate an idea into reality. Robotics has been chosen as the base word because this is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots which uses ideas and concepts from nearly all segments of engineering. The concept and creation of autonomously operating machines dates back a long time, but credible research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century and today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as we continue to research, design and build new robots that serve various practical purposes including domestic, commercial and military. Having said that, the Robotics Club of MSEC strives hard to kindle interest in the field of robotics and embedded system design among the students of the institute.
o    Robotics Club is dedicated to motivate students with various interesting robots to enhance their learning about Science and Technology.
o    To add to students learning experience and coach them into becoming technologically competent.
o    We aim to spark students interests in robotics and other related new technology to enhance their studies as well prepare for working life in the future.
o    To create a  fun learning environment for students while learning new things and to train them to be receptive to ever-changing technology.

Patron Dr.S.Arivazhagan, PRL/ADM
President Dr.R.Shantha Selva Kumari, SrPH/ECE
Faculty Advisors 

Mr.M.Arun, AP(Sr)/ECE

Mr.J.Dani Reagan Vivek, AP/ECE

Chair Person

Mr. K.S. Arun Kumar, IV ECE

Co - Chair Person Ms. A S. Saumi, IV ECE
Secretary Mr.D.Aravindh, IV ECE

Ms.I.Hannah Nithilla, IV ECE

Ms.K. Indumathi, III ECE
Treasurer Ms.K M. Harishma, IV ECE

Ms.M. Shivani ,III ECE

Mr.S. Subhash, III ECE
Event Coordinator Mr.G.Venkat Subramanian, III ECE
Ms.P.Prabhavathy, III ECE
Webmaster Mr.S. Vignesh, III CSE

Ms.M. Fathima Nasrin, III ECE

Ms.B. Karthini, III ECE
Organizing Council Mr.S. Surya, III ECE

Ms.P. Tamilselvi, II ECE

Mr.R. Philip Livingston, II ECE
Executive Council Mr.G. Nithish Kumar, II ECE

Ms.K. S. Ajayshia, III EEE

Ms.R. Ilakkiya, II ECE
Creative Council Mr.B. Dilshad, II ECE
Mr.H. Mohammed Irfaan, II ECE
Ms.D. Jeyasona, II ECE
Patron Dr.S.Arivazhagan, PRL/ADM
President Dr.R.Shantha Selva Kumari, SrPH/ECE
Faculty Advisors 

Mr.M.Arun, AP(Sr)/ECE

Mr.J.Dani Reagan Vivek, AP/ECE

Chair Person Ms.A.Janashree, IV ECE
Co - Chair Person Mr.S.Vignesh Babu, IV ECE
Secretary Mr.S.Sultan Abdul Kader, IV ECE

Mr.K.S.Arun Kumar, III ECE

Ms.I.Hannah Nithilla, III ECE
Treasurer Ms.S.Ainul Inaya, IV ECE

Mr.D.Aravindh, III ECE

Ms.K.M.Harsihma, III ECE
Event Coordinator Mr.M.S.Rajkamal, IV ECE
Ms.A.S.Saumi, III ECE
Webmaster Mr.B.Sivaprakash, IV CSE

Ms.V.Suganthi, IV ECE

Mr.G.Venkat Subramanian, II ECE
Organizing Council Mr.S.Vignesh, II CSE

Ms.M.Fathima Nasrin, II ECE

Ms.M.Shivani, II EEE
Executive Council Mr.S.Subhash, II CSE

Ms.K,Indumathi, II ECE

Ms.P.Prabhavathy, II ECE
Creative Council Ms.M.Mona, II EEE
Mr.S.Surya, III ECE
Ms.B.Karthini, II ECE


S.No. Date Event Name Event Details
1 05/07/2018 OB Hunt Guesture Controlled Recently discovered robots & quiz
2 02/08/2018 Loco Gofer Mobile robot assembly and programming
3 30/08/2018 Prim Ranger Technical quiz on robotics
4 11/09/2018 TI Treasures Technical speech on sensors
5 28/09/2018 Cheerup Souls Firebird robot programming
6 10/10/2018 MU P 2.0 Demonstration of line follower robot


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    Next Event
    Venue: ECS22
    Date: February 15


    Nivedita U I ECE A
    Ancy Sherin A I ECE C
    Ilakkiya R I ECE C
    Monika A I EEE A
    Priyanka A II ECE C
    Madhumitha K II ECE C

    Vinoth M I ECE C
    Nithish Kumar G I ECE B
    Philip Livingston K I ECE C
    Abinesh Velu V B I ECE C
    Deepan Murugan V S I ECE C


    Sangeetha D II CSE A
    Jefin Marshal J I MECH A
    DivyaBharathi K S II ECE A

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