• Dr.P.Nagaraj, the person in command of the Department, continues to lead and expands its activities in various directions and new dimensions. He has rich experience in teaching and his specialisations are Operation Research, Fuzzy logic, Inventory control.
  • All our faculty are highly qualified, experienced and powerfully motivated. They have a great deal of expertise in their relevant field of specialization.
  • 11 of the faculty members are having doctorates and 5 more others are pursuing their  Ph.D. degree.
  • The average total experience of the faculty is 16 years and the average experience in  MSEC is  10 years.
  • Research supervisor for guiding Ph.D candidates
  • Reviewer in various reputed International Journals and Books
  • Member of the Board of Studies in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D Doctoral Committee Members
  • "Best Faculty Advisor" of IE(I) Students’ Chapter
  1. Dr.P.Nagaraj, Senior Professor & Head
  2. Dr.N.Bose, Senior Professor
  3. Dr.R. Maheswaran, Senior Professor
  4. Dr. T.Prabaharan, Professor
  5. Dr. N. Selvakumar, Senior Professor
  6. Dr. S.P.Asok, Senior Professor & Placement Officer
  7. Dr. R.Rajkumar, Professor
  8. Dr.A.Azhagurajan, Associate Professor
  9. Dr.Rajesh Jesudoss Hynes, Associate Professor
  10. Dr. A.Vasanthanathan, Associate Professor
  11. Mr. M.Anandhan, Assistant Professor (Sl. Grade)
  12. Mr.J.Thanikachalam, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)
  13. Mr.N.Vasiraja, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)
  14. Mr.R.Saravana Sathiya Prabhahar, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)
  15. Mr.K.Maheswaran, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)
  16. Mr.N.Naganambi, Assistant Professor
  17. Mr.C.A.K.Arumugam, Assistant Professor
  18. Mr.S.Senthil Murugan, Assistant Professor
  19. Mr.M.Sankara Narayanan, Assistant Professor
  20. Mr.C.Uthranarayan, Assistant Professor
  21. Mr.J.Nagarajan, Assistant Professor
  22. Mr.B.Vijayaragavan, Assistant Professor
  23. Dr.M.K.Marichelvam, Assistant Professor
  24. Mr.P.Balamurugan, Assistant Professor
  25. Mr.S.Lionel Beneston, Assistant Professor
  26. Mr.C.Balamanikandan, Assistant Professor
  27. Mr.G.Manoj Kumar, Asst. Professor
  28. Mr.D.Jones Joseph Jebaraj, Asst. Professor
  29. Mr.S.Karthikeyan, Asst. Professor
  30. Mr.N.J.Vignesh, Asst. Professor
  31. Mr.B.Venkatraman, Asst. Professor
  32. Mr.K.Kandakodeeswaran, Asst. Professor
  33. Mr.B.Dhinesh, Asst. Professor
  34. Mr.J.Anish Jafrin Thilak, Asst. Professor
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