Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


  • Continual Learning

To prepare the Post Graduate students for a prolific career in IT and Corporate Organizations and inculcate an urge for continuous learning by providing an ambient environment of conducive teaching and learning process in the core and emerging areas.

  • Core Competency

To offer ample context and flexible learning environment to the students for enabling them to develop sound knowledge in effective utilization of Computer Programming skills in various domains of applications.

  • Professionalism

To nurture and promote a social environment which molds the students to become Competent Professionals augmented with pioneering skills to render services in par with industry standards and in social context ethically.

 Programme Outcomes (POs)


On completion of the MCA Programme the Post Graduates are expected to

  • Apply software engineering methodologies in systems development
  • Demonstrate their competency in programming skills as per industry expectations
  • Implement creative and innovative problem solving skills in various real time applications
  • Design and develop Software with complete satisfaction to the Customer
  • Work as a Team member reach higher positions with good interpersonal skills
  • Discharge their duties with Professional and Ethical responsibilities
  • Communicate effectively and be customer friendly
  • Possess an urge for and lifelong learning based on the emerging trends
  • Create technical reports and presentations as per Industry Standards
  • Develop into Entrepreneurs in the IT industry

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