• State of  art infrastructure
  • Internet connectivity
  • Students activities on Saturdays
  • Two sections of 30 students each for individual attention
  • Undertaken project sponsored by AICTE


On completing the second semester, the students are placed in industrial and professional enterprises for practical training with a view to get them exposed to corporate realities and try their hand in assisting the management in their various decisions. Besides assisting them in their policy implementation and execution process the students are undergoing another project assignment in reputed industrial concerns during the fourth semester. It provides them ample scope to understand the intricacies of management in the real life situation.


Industrial visits are often arranged to get the students exposed to corporate environments. Further, the department conducts many seminarprogrammes by inviting the management practitioners from various professional and business organizations to share the ideas and experiences with the aspiring managers in order to strengthen the awareness and enrich their knowledge to fit them into the demanding business world. The salient operative features of the programme are participative learning through group discussions, role play, case studies, brainstorming sessions, stress management programmes, and performance in simulated business environment through business games, and sharing the ideas and experiences among students and expert academicians.


Students are given real life Cases for discussion in the regular classes to simulate the real business world in the class room environment. These cases are borrowed from Harvard Business School, IIM’s and other reputed business magazines, dailies and journal like


  • Business India
  • Business World
  • Business Week
  • Economic Times
  • Fortune
  • Sales and Marketing
  • A&M
  • Personnel Today
  • Manager Update
  • Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
  • Journal of Marketing., etc

The cases for academic discussion are given to them prior to the classes so that they can come prepared for the discussion. Every student actively participates in all the discussions and all of them will have their own opinion to solve the real life problems faced by the industry. Thus huge amounts of information and alternatives to solve problems are got and every one in the class is benefited. This also prepares them better for their career. Apart from these cases, a few specific cases are identified and a batch of students are assigned to each of these cases and is analyzed thoroughly over a period of time and presented in the students activity.  The MBA Library and Internet at MBA computer centre provides wealth of information to the student.


With management education getting integrated with information technology, internet exercises have become rather indispensable for the students of management.  Participants and organizers of various events in the Saturday’s student activities have to perform long hours of surfing with the net to justify their stance during queries.  Not only that, many innovative ideas, products and solutions are drawn from the World Wide Web.  These ideas and perspectives are presented and projected in the Student activities. 


Students can get the taste of real life selling through sales pitch conducted for a specific selling course. Here, the students can experience what it takes to be a good sales person. The theory part which is learnt in the classroom is experimented and experienced in a real life setting where students take up specific products for selling. This exercise is so exciting that it makes one feel that sales job is not that difficult after all. All the sales presentations are recorded through a video camera (exclusively owned by MEPCO MBA) and then played back to the students .Here the students can make any necessary modifications in their selling styles which is largely helped and supported by all the faculty members.


To improve the team building and organizing capabilities of the students management games are conducted every Saturday as a part of Student activities.  The entire schedule for the student activities is planned and organized by the students themselves and finally approved by the faculty.  These management games form a sort of simulation exercises on various functional areas of management.  The entire morning session on Saturday is obsessed with these activities.  These games enhance and bring out the organizing capabilities in addition to participation.  This tremendously boosts the gut feeling of the students, which is much needed in the corporate adventures.

Business quiz, paper presentations, negotiations, management puzzles, marketing warfare etc., form part of student activities.

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