The department is headed by Dr.T.Revathi, who has more than 30 years of rich academic and research experience in networking. She is supported by a team of well   qualified, dedicated and experienced 14 faculty members in the field of Web Technology, Component based technology, Software Engineering, Mobile computing, Multimedia, Database Systems, Microprocessor based System design, Operating System, Computer Architecture, Image Processing, Neural Networks and  Computer Networks.

   Our department includes 1 Senior Professor, 4 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors, (comprising of 8 senior grades) totally 15 teaching staff and 4 Non Teaching staff.


Dr.T.Revathi, Senior Professor & Head

Dr.S.Rajesh, Associate Professor

Dr.J.Angela Jennifa Sujana, Associate Professor

Dr. S. Kavi Priya, Associate Professor

Dr. G. Yogarajan, Associate Professor

Mrs.R.Venitta Raj, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mr.J.Maruthu Pandi, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mr.G.Rajasekaran, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mr.A.S.Karthik Kannan, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mrs.S.Saroja , Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mrs.S.Haseena , Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mrs.N.Malathy , Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mrs. M.Blessa Binolin Pepsi , Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Mr.S.Muthukumar , Assistant Professor

Dr.B.D.Deebak , Assistant Professor

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