Project List 2013-2014


S. No.

Student’s Name


Project Title




Arun Ram Kumar N

Realization of Receiver Architectures for downlink data channels in 3GPP-LTE Communication

Mr.S.Syed Ameer Abbas


Balasundari C K

Synthesis and Implementation of Adaptive FFT Processor using Multipath Delay Commutator



Elango M

Implementation of Image processing Algorithm using High Performance Reconfigurable Computing in programmable devices

Mr. C.Kalyana Sundaram


Lalitha Parameswari S

Implementation of image processing architecture for Target detection



Lalitha V

Realization of Epileptic Seizure Detection Using Noninvasive Scalp EEG Signal



Palanivel A

Performance Evaluation of Digital CMOS circuits using Complementary Pass Transistor Network.

Mr. C.Kalyana Sundaram


Porkodi S

Design of low power CMOS flash ADC by using auto zeroing technique in 130 nm Technology



Pown M

Design of RF receiver front-end with linearization technique for UWB applications



Saranyadevi P K

Synthesis and Implementation of Network-On-Chip interconnecting different processing elements for guaranteed traffic permutation.

Mr.J.Senthil Kumar


Shanmuga Priya D

Reconfigurable computing of receiver architectures for 3GPP-LTE

Mr.S.Syed Ameer Abbas.


Sharly Monica X

Complex Matching Logic on Micro architecture of Coarse-Grain Superscalar Processor using Thread Level Speculation



Susithra S

Synthesis and Implementation of Receiver Architectures for Physical Downlink Control Channels in 3GPP-LTE

Mr.S.Syed Ameer Abbas.


Sylvia Sharon D

Authentication and secure data access privacy in wireless sensor networks

Dr.G. Indumathi


Thangarani L

Synthesis and Implementation of Viterbi decoder for wireless applications



Vijayalakshmi M

Design of low power low noise current mode Front End Amplifier using 180 nm CMOS Technology

Dr.R.Shantha Selvakumari


Vishnu Priya M

Synthesis and Implementation of 3-D IIR filter as a processing element of Systolic Array Architecture for antenna beamforming

Dr.R.Shantha Selvakumari.


Vivek Anand I

Synthesize and Realization of Reversible logic based Combinational circuits in Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA).