Project List 2013-2014


S. No.

Student’s Name


Project Title




Abinaya . S

Multimodal Biometrics Recognition



Anisha Parveen . P

Design of Matching Circuit for RF Di/Triplexer for Mobile Communication



Anusuya . R

Performance Evaluation of Variable bit rate Data Hiding Techniques on GSM coder



Arun Prakash . A

Environment Adaptive Speech Enhancement for Mobile phone Application

 Mr.S.Selva Nidhyananthan


Gayathri . R

Simultaneous Reduction of Four Wave Mixing and Stimulated Raman Scattering using Duobinary Modulation Format in DWDM Fiber Optic Communication System



Gayatri . P

Cyclostationarity Based RF signal Detection with scanning Superheterodyne Receiver for Cognitive Radio Systems.



Jeya Gopal . G

Adaptive Digital Audio Watermarking Using Empirical Mode Decomposition

 Mr.M.Davidson Kamaladhas


Kalpana . C

Performance Evaluation of Emergency messaging via Wireless Collision Avoidance Systems for improved traffic safety in VANET.



Kamba Rajan . G

Evaluation of Multi-Rate Transmission schemes based on Contiguous and Non-contiguous subcarrier allocation



Karthika . C

Reversible Data Hiding by Reserving Room

 Mrs.W.Sylvia Lilly Jebarani


Kaviarasan . M

Musical instrument recognition in Polyphonic Music using Audio features

 Mr.M.Davidson Kamaladhas


Keerthinathan . S

A Steganographic embedding technique based on Extended Adaptive Pixel Pair Matching

 Mrs.W.Sylvia Lilly Jebarani


Manochitra . G

An Ensemble Classification Algorithm for Hyperspectral Images



Muneera Begum . H

Impact of Cross phase modulation in Long haul DWDM Fiber Optic Communication system and its Suppression



Nirmala . S

Rotation and Scale Invariant Texture classification using combined Gabor and Curvelet transforms



Rama Thirumalai Selvi . E

Enhancement of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images using Contrast Diffusion



Sangeetha . L

Performance Analysis of Vehicle Recognition using Multiresolution Transforms

 Mrs.R.Ahila Priyadharshini


Sara Preethy . S

Design of Implantable Slot Antenna for Biomedical Applications



Senthur Selvi . T

Text Independent Voice based Attendance system under Noisy Environment

 Mr.S.Selva Nidhyananthan


Sowmiya . S

Soft Computing Technique based Face Analysis

 Mrs.R.Ahila Priyadharshini


Steffi . M.S

Detection and Segmentation of Normal and Pathological Tissues in Brain MRI using Machine Learning Algorithms



Subbulakshmi . S

Low-Quality Fingerprint Image Enhancement



Suriya . B

Genetic Algorithm based Hyperspectral Image Classification



Vijayendran . K

Modified PAPR reduction scheme for OFDM signals

 Mr.J.Senthil Kumar


 Vinoth . A

ECG signal classification using Adaptive Wavelets and Wiener filtering

 Dr.R.Shantha Selva Kumari