The Department is well equipped with state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in all the thrust areas. Students get a wide exposure and practical hands on training in the sophisticated equipments during their lab sessions.

Academic Laboratories



Electronics Lab is equipped with CROs upto 30 MHz, Function Generators up to 20 MHz, DSO up to 50 MHz, Power supplies, various ranges of Voltmeters and Ammeters, Multimeters DRBs, DIBs, and DCBs for performing experiments. In addition, LCR and Components tester are also available. A team of highly experienced and dedicated two technicians are available to give the technical support to the students even beyond the working hours. Technicians are also extending their practical proficiency to the students to accomplish the mini projects and final major projects in a successful manner.

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.13,21,965/-

Lab Incharge: Ms.V.Gnanalakshmi, Assistant Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.R.Rengaraj (Sl. Grade) , Mr.P.Krishna Moorthy (Sl. Grade)


Digital & Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with IC trainer kits, IC testers, Function generators upto 1 MHz, CROs upto 25 MHz, Storage Oscilloscopes upto 50 MHz and all ranges of Power supplies. Various Instrumentation Kits are available in the Laboratory. In addition ultrasonic distance meter, LVDT and LCR tester and different types of load cells are available.

                                                                               Total Equipment cost: Rs.14,02,032/-

Lab Incharge: Dr.B.Vijayakumari,Assistant Professor (Sl. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Shanmuga Sundaram (Sl. Grade)



Microprocessor Lab is equipped with 8085,8086/8088,68000, 8031/8051, 8097, 6811, PIC 16F877 microprocessor & microcontroller kits. Interfacing circuits with real world applications are also available in the Laboratory. In addition, development tools like In-circuit Emulator, Logic Analyzer and pattern Generator and EPROM Programmer are available. Software available include driver software, assemblers and disassemblers for microprocessors & microcontrollers. In addition, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), PC based Data Acquisition System and controlling devices such as LVDT, DC motor, Temperature Controller, Traffic Light Controller, Elevator and Measurement devices are also available.

                                                                               Total Equipment cost: Rs. 29,19,860/-        

 Lab Incharge: Mr.G.Sivasankar, Asst.Professor(Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.K.Balamurugan (Sl. Grade) 




Communication Lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes ( 12 Nos) , Fiber Optic trainer kits ( 10 Nos - Benchmark and Faulcon make), Digital Modulation/ Demodulation kits, all ranges of DC power supplies, Function Generators (38 Nos) with frequency upto 100 MHz, Dual Trace Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (6 Nos) with frequencies upto 100 MHz, Microwave test benches (12 Nos) of Klystron and Gunn Source, Optical Power meters, Laser Trainer Kit and Cable Fault Locator. Apart from the Trainer kits, all components are available to construct and test any communication Transmitter, Receiver circuits and Filter circuits. J-Band Microwave test bench (1 No.) is also available.

                                                                  Total Equipment cost: Rs. 35,00,717/-

Lab Incharge: Ms.R.Mercy Kingsta, Assistant Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Kannan



Signal Processing Laboratory is equipped with TMS320C50 Processor, TMS320C5416 Processor, TMS320C6711 Processor, TMS320C6748 Processor, ADSP 2181 Processor, TMS 320VC33 Processor, ADSP-2105Processor and SHARC Processor – ADDU 21160 with VDSP Software are available. In addition 10 User Licensed software MATLAB 6.5 version with all tool boxes are available in the Laboratory. Equipments like 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, 1 MHz Function Generator, 25 MHz CRO, HP Laser Printer and 23 nos. of Higher end System are also available in the Laboratory.

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.21,93,178/-

Lab Incharge: Mrs. M.Mary  Roseline Tamilselvi, Assistant Professor 

Lab Technician: Mr.D.Sathish




Advanced Communication Laboratory is equipped with the equipments such as RF Communication Kits, Microwave Communication Components and Testing & Measuring Instruments. The Advanced Designed System (‘Premier 2’ Networked Version (E 8900PN-5) special 5 seats) available for the Antenna Designs, Wireless Applications and RF Design. An Optical Simulator (OPT.SIM ver.5.0) -- 6 user package (purchased from M/s Rsoft Design Group Inc USA) is useful for the optical simulations and related works. 

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.34,97,145/-

Lab Incharge:Mrs.R.Brinda, Asst.Professor(Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.P.Palanikumar



VLSI Laboratory is equipped with 25 higher end Systems. It is equipped with Software tools Xilinx ISE, Plan Ahead, Vivado,  Mentor Graphics, Questa, Precision Synthesis, Leonardo Spectrum, Seamless for Hardware / Software Co-simulation, Model Builder, Sysgen software (SYSGEN-4SL-PC), EDK, Chipscope-pro (CSP-PRO) and Tanner tools (S-EDIT, T-SPICE, W-EDIT, L-EDIT, HIPER DEVGEN, and HIPER). Other software tools are Quartus II software from ALTERA and PSPICE. The Laboratory is also equipped with FPGA kit (SPARTAN-3E, SPARTAN-3,Genesys Virtex5, Atlys Spartan6, Nexys-3 Spartan6, Zed Board, Virtex6, XUPV5-LX110T Virtex-5, Nexys-4 DDR Artix-7, Arty Board Artix-7). Additionally, Add-on cards like Traffic light controller, Elevator simulator, Stepper motor/ DC motor/ Temperature/ Relay Interface cards, I/O card module and PMOD Modules (USB to UART, ALS Sensor, Wifi Interface, 9-Axis Barometer)  UP3 kit from Altera and CPLD Trainer kit are available for implementation. Also the Lab is equipped with and ARM processor development kit (LPC2378), TMS320C50 DSP Trainer Kit and ADSP BF532 Evaluation Board.

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.48,60,379-

Lab Incharge: Mr.A.Kamaraj, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Nachalingarajan (Sl. Grade)





Networks Laboratory equipped with 17 Intel core-2 Duo, 3 Intel core-2 Quad, 4 Intel Core-i5 machines and 6 LAN Trainers (BENCHMARK & TETCOS makes) to enable the simulation of various topologies. Simulator software namely, NETSIM - ACADEMIC (20 users license) and NETSIM – STANDARD (version 10.2 - 1 User License ) of Worth 4.02 Lakhs are available to do analysis with MAC sub layer and LLC sub layer protocols of the Data link Layer, Routing Protocols of Network Layer and to Simulate Mobile AdHoc network and Wireless Sensor network Scenarios. A TCP / IP daughter card also available.

                                                                                                      Total Equipment cost: Rs.16,91,674/-

Lab Incharge: Dr.W.Sylvia Lilly Jebarani, Associate Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.A.Arul Vel



Computing Facilities is equipped with total number of 95 Computer Systems with high end latest Configuration managed with seperate IBM server. The software accessible includes MATLAB Ver. 7.8 Rel.2009a (50 Users License), MATLAB Ver. 6.5 - Rel. 13 with 12 Toolboxes (10 Users License) and MATHCAD Ver. 11 (5 Users License).

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.67,26,937/

Lab Incharge: Dr.S.Anand, Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.T.Kodeeswara Prabhu Mr.S.Thangapandi


 DSC 0616

Embedded Systems Laboratory integrate and promote excellence in Robotics and Embedded Systems Research and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among other fields of engineering like Robotics, Communication, Signal processing, Biomedical etc., to impart high quality projects and research activities. The embedded systems laboratory facilities to meet the shortfall of experienced engineers andseamless flow between Institute & Industry. The major equipments available in the lab are ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M3 Development boards, PSoC development kits with PSoC1 and PSoC3 add on modules, 8051 Development boards, PIC development boards, Universal Programmers, ARDUINO ATMEGA 8 Development boards, Audio Development board, Speech Reorganization Kit, RTOS development board, RFID modules, GPRS & GPS modules, various sensors like Heart beat sensors, Gas sensors, Ultrasonic distance measurement sensors, Proximity sensor etc., and discrete interfacing modules like Zigbee modules, RF transceivers, Accelerometer, CMOS Camera, stepper motors, DC motors and interfacing circuit components like, switches, keypads, 7 segment & LCD displays.

                                                                               Total Equipment cost: Rs.22,47,139/-

Lab Incharge: Mr.M.Arun, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.E.Karuppasamy (Sl. Grade)



ECG recorder, Binocular research microscope, Heamo cytometer, Hand refracto meter, Gluco meter, Photoelectronic colorimeter, Chromatographic kit, Blood pressure monitor, Digital pH meter and Digital conductivity meter are available in the Bio-medical Lab.

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.2,16,318/-

Lab Incharge: Mrs.G.Shobana, Assistant Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Kannan



Single and Double sided Printed Circuit Boards for Specific or Desired Applications can be created using this Laboratory. Dip Coating Machine, UV exposer Unit, Etching Machine, Tinning Machine and Drilling Machine in the Laboratory.

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.1,75,683/-

Lab Incharge: Mrs.V.S.Benitha, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Kannan



R & D Centres

DSC 1005

Mepco Agilent R&D Centre of Excellence in RF Circuit and Antenna Design was established in February-2014. Mepco Agilent R&D Centre consists of major equipments like Signal Analyzer (26.5GHz), Signal Generator (upto 3GHz), Network Analyzer (20GHz, 2 Port), MSO (20 Channel), Logic Analyzer (34 Channel, 4GHz). Inaddition to that, Agilent SystemVue, EMPro, Vector Signal Analysis is available for the Design Purpose. For further details click here ..

                                                                               Total Equipment cost: Rs.3,45,00,000/-

Centre Incharge: Dr.K.Kavitha, Associate Professor



The Centre for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition is involved in research projects in the ubiquitous areas of image processing and pattern recognition. It focuses on designing mathematical and engineering tools to solve computational problems in Biomedicine, Biometric recognition, Hyperspectral image  classification, Object recognition, Optical character recognition and Text analytics, Video processing and various applications of data mining. Thus, researchers at the Center for Pattern Recognition work at the interface of multiple disciplines including biomedicine, healthcare, mathematics and multidimensional image processing. Assist-devices such as Image Developer Kits to process Satellite Images, low & high resolution Finger print Scanners, Iris Scanner, Image Processing Work Station with Aphelion Software, Quad ADSP 21160 Processor & Estoril Board with 21060 processor to perform analog and digital signal processing, are available in the centre. In addition, the centre is equipped with 30 Nos. of higher end Computer Systems. For further details click here..

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.46,05,807/-

 Centre Incharge: Dr.R.Ahila Priyadharshini, Associate Professor


Biomedical signal processing is an important area of signal processing and bio-medical engineering, and has seen wide range of applications to physiological and psychological studies, diagnostic and screening of diseases and pathologies, and rehabilitation. It is a multi-disciplinary research area involving physiology, signal processing, statistics and machine learning. This centre aims to provide a suitable environment and infrastructure for staff and students to be involved in applied research and development work in the area of biomedical signal processing. For further details click here

                                                                             Total Equipment cost: Rs.22,41,115/-

Centre Incharge: Dr.S.Selva Nidhyananthan, Associate Professor

Our ECE department has set “Mepco - Agilent R&D Centre of Excellence in RF Circuit & Antenna Design” at a total cost of Rs.3,45,00,000/- (Rupees Three Crores and forty five lakhs only) in the academic year 2013-2014. This will provide a platform for our students / researchers to understand the design issues, scopes and challenges present in the RF Domain and to apply their theoretical knowledge to analyze the practical issues / challenges. For further details click here

                                                                             Total Equipment cost: Rs.3,76,62,103/-

Centre Incharge: Dr.T.Sabapathi, Associate Professor


DSC 0609

Centre for VLSI Signal Processing and Mixed Signal Processing is equipped with 15 higer end systems. For front-end design licensed versions of Xilinx ISE, Vivado and Mentor Graphics are available. For back-end design licensed version of Tanner EDA tool is available. Open source tools Electric, Microwind and Lasi is available for back-end design. Higher end boards Vitex-5, Virtex-6 ML605, Spartan-6 Nexys 3, Spartan-6 Atlys, Zed board (Zynq-7000), Analog device, and Vmod camera are available for real time applications. Analog Devices (AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ) is an analog front end hardware platform which is mainly used for FPGA-based radio applications. Also the lab has DEO-Nano Dev.   board, Mimas V2 Spartan-6 FPGA with DDR SDRAM, Papilio Pro Spartan 6 FPGA.It has Spartan 6  multichannel with audio codec, DE1-SOC-MTL2 (Digilent), Arty Board Artix-7. Logic analyzer is available for capturing and displaying multiple signals from a digital system or digital cicuit.Centre has IMEC customer Agreement for access to TSMC Technology through Europractice.For further details click here

                                                                               Total Equipment cost: Rs.7,90,297/-

Centre Incharge: Dr.S.Syed Ameer Abbas, Professor


Embedded Systems Laboratory integrate and promote excellence in Robotics and Embedded Systems Research and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among other fields of engineering like Robotics, Communication, Signal processing, Biomedical etc., to impart high quality projects and research activities. The embedded systems laboratory facilities to meet the shortfall of experienced engineers andseamless flow between Institute & Industry. Supporting this activity the Embedded Systems laboratory, ATMEL AVR MCU Centre, Texas Instruments laboratory and the IITB e-Yantra laboratory of our department have joined hands to promote excellence in the growth of research in robotics and embedded systems. For further details click here

                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.27,86,791/-

Centre Incharge: Dr.J.Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor



Industry - Institute Laboratories

Tessolve Semiconductor Test Engineering Lab is equipped with LG-Lite Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) with Universal Load board of 50 MHz from Applied Digital Microsystems, Mumbai. LG-Lite ATE Kit incorporates Drive Logic containing 50 MHz Real time data, 32 Buffered Channels, Single step mode, Test programme Loader, Digital Waveform Editor and Sense Logic with 50 MHz Real time, Vector trace analyzer, Signature Analyzer, Drive & Sense State View, Drive & Sense Waveform up to 50 MHz. Frequency Counter, Protocol Aware Debugger. The establishment of the Laboratory is based on the MOU signed with the Tessolve Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd., Banglore to enhance the quality and readiness of engineering graduates interested in joining core engineering positions.

 IMG 20171028 134635

Total Equipment cost: Rs. 3,00,000/-

Lab Incharge:Mrs.R.Newlin Shebiah, Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade)

                   Mr.S.Sridhar Raj, Assistant Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.K.Balamurugan,  Technician (SI.Grade)


DSC 1003

“e-Yantra Embedded Systems & Robotics Lab” is supported by e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI)-IIT Bombay and funded by MHRD under National Mission on Education through ICT(NMEICT). The lab equipped with Fire Bird –V Robots, Spark V Robots, Raspberry – Pi boards, AVRISP USB Programmers, Camera Modules, GPS interfacing modules, USB TV Tuners, Metal gear servo motors, Gripper kits and Sensors likeGyroscopes, accelerometers, Kinect (Xbox) sensors, magnetometers, ultrasonic and IR range sensors.


                                                                              Total Equipment cost: Rs.7,77,313/-

Lab Incharge: Mr.G.Sivasankar, Assistant Professor (Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.S.Nachalingarajan  (Sl. Grade)


Texas Instruments Laboratory is equipped with MSP 430 Lanchpad, MSP 430 5529 kit,C2000 Picolo Launchpad, C2000 Peripheral Explorer kit, TIVA Launchpad and TIVA C Series Tm4C123 Development kits. Booster Pack of Wi-Fi, C2000 LED, EM Adaptor, DRV8301 Motor Drive, Fuel Tank, DRV8711 Stepper Motor, Sensor Hub (TIVA) and STEPS (TIVA & C2000). The establishment of the Laboratory is based on the MOU signed with the Texas Instruments for Teaching Lab Setup on TIVA ARM Cortex M, C2000, MSP430 and Analog Systems.

                 E TI Lab                                                            



Total Equipment cost: Rs.2,46,548/-

Lab Incharge: Mr.M.Arun, Assistant Professor, (Sr. Grade)

Lab Technician: Mr.E.Karuppasamy (Sl. Grade)

Our Department houses ATMEL AVR MCU CENTRE equipped with Atmel Evaluation Kits and Dragon Debuggers under ATMEL University Program, India. The major equipments are ATAVRXPLAIN Evaluation Kit, AVR DRAGON Debugger, ATEVK Evaluation kit, AT SAM D20 kit etc. Students are participating in various design contests like Atmel Embedded Design Contest. They also get a free kit based on the project and the accessories required for their work. Likewise, our ATMEL AVR MCU CENTRE is contributing a lot through our students and faculty to the field of robotics and embedded systems.

E Atmel Lab

                                                                   Total Equipment cost: Rs. 2,45,747/-

Lab Incharge: Mr.J.Dani Reagan Vivek, Assistant Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.E.Karuppasamy (Sl. Grade)

Cisco Network Academy has CCNA premium equipment bundle consisting of 6 CISCO Routers, 3 CISCO switches, 4 D – Link switches with all connecting cables, crimping & punchdown tools and a Fluke make Cable tester. This provides opportunity for the students who undergo CCNA training in the campus to have hands on sessions and prepare for the global certification. 


                                                                                  Total Equipment cost: Rs. 11,62,592/-

Lab Incharge:Dr.W.Sylvia Lilly Jebarani, Associate Professor

Lab Technician: Mr.A.Arul Vel



"The Value of a College Education is not the Learning of many Facts but the Training of the Mind to Think"
                                                                                                             - Albert Einstein

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