#   Name of the Faculty Area of Research
1 Dr.K.Muneeswaran Image analysis, Neural Networks, Advanced Computing, Data Mining
2 Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian Network Protocols, Network Security, Information Security
3 Dr.K.Mala Data Mining, Digital Image Processing, Genetic Algorithm, Intelligent Computing
4 Dr.J.Rajasekar Image Processing, Biometrics, IoT


The faculty members and the research scholars are working in the area of:
    • Image and Video Analysis
    • Medical Image Processing
    • Biometric Processing
    • Network and Network Security
    • Grid and Cloud Computing
    • Product Recommendation System
    • Text and Web Mining
    • IoT
    • Setup for Private Cloud using Open Stack
    • IoT Equipments and Sensors
    • High end Mobile Devices for developing Mobile Apps


#   Name of the Faculty Area of Research Supervisor
1 Dr.S. Marie Celestin Vigila Network Security Dr.K.Muneeswaran
2 Dr.R.Uma Web Technology Dr.K.Muneeswaran
3 Dr.R.Madhu Soothan kumar Image Processing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
4 Dr.V.Ganesh kumar Network Services Dr.K.Muneeswaran
5 Dr.D.V.PradeepSankar Communication Network Dr.K.Muneeswaran
6 Dr.T.Sajuraj Grid Computing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
7 Dr.P.Manipoonchelvi Image Processing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
#   Name of the Faculty Area of Research Supervisor
1 Mrs.S.Vanitha Sivagami Image Processing  Dr.K.Muneeswaran
2 Mrs.M.Chengathirselvi Image Processing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
3 Mr.G.Srinivasan Image Processing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
4 Mrs.P.Ithaya Rani Image Processing Dr.K.Muneeswaran
5 Mrs.M.S.Bhuvaneswari Web Mining Dr.K.Muneeswaran
6 Mr.K.Thirumoorthy Text Mining Dr.K.Muneeswaran
7 Mr.N.Balaganesh Opinion Mining Dr.K.Muneeswaran
8 Mr.B.Selva Kumar Network Security Dr.K.Muneeswaran
9 Mr.N.Narayanan Prasanth Computer Networks Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
10 Mr.K.Navaz Computer Networks Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
11 Mr.K.Rajasekaran Network Security Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
12 Mrs.S. Amutha Wireless Network Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
13 Mrs.M.Jeyanthi Network security Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
14 Mrs.Venitta Raj Network security Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
15 Ms.S.Muthulakshmi Network security Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian
16 Mr.A.Muthumari Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
17 Mrs.E.Vakaimalar Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
18 Mr.A.Anandh Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
19 Mrs.R.Arthy Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
20 Mrs.R.Ramya Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
21 Mrs.T.Manonmani Image Processing Dr.K.Mala
22 Mrs.S.Amutha IoT Dr.J.Raja Sekar
23 Mrs.G.Ananthi Image Processing Dr.J.Raja Sekar
#   Sponsored Organization Title of the Project Faculty members involved Year Status
1.   AICTE, 
New Delhi
Computer Aided Learning Principal Investigator: Dr. G. Chandrasekaran
Dr. K. Muneeswaran
1999-2002 Completed
2.   AICTE, 
New Delhi
Development of Microkernel and Device Driver Principal Investigator:
Dr. C. Aravindan 
Mr. T. Ragunathan
1999 Completed
3.   AICTE-RPS, 
New Delhi
Content Based Recognition and Biometric based authentication schemes using grid computing system Principal Investigator:  Dr. K. Muneeswaran
Ms. P. Golda Jeyasheeli
2008-2010 Completed
4.   AICTE-RPS, 
New Delhi
Architectures & Algorithms for Input Queued Switches Principal Investigator: Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian 2009-2012 Completed
5.   AICTE-RPS, 
New Delhi
Augmented Memory for Disease Diagnosis Using Medical Images and Associated Information Principal Investigator:
Dr. K. Mala
Mr. N. Balaganesh
2011-2013 Completed