No. of sponsored research projects from the inception : 19 
Sanctioned amount : Rs. 97.50 Lakhs

Sl.  No. Title Principal Investigator Agency & Year Sanctioned Amount in Rs.
  1 Establishment of Durability testing facilities in Concrete Laboratory Dr.S.Prabavathy 
Mr. A. Ravi
AICTE (2017-19) 12 Lakhs
  2 Study on suitability of Autoclaved Reinforced  Geo Polymer Concrete for precast/ pre-stressed structural elements Dr.S.Prabavathy
Mr. A. Ravi
AICTE 2013 8.90Lakhs
  3 Environmental monitoring on soil and water quality and creating awareness and updating of soil and water assessment report Dr.P.Vincent
Mr.P.Oliver Jayaprakash Mr.N.Saravanakumar
PWD, environmental cell division, Madurai. 2012 9.15 Lakhs
  4 Study on Autoclave aerated concrete Dr.S.Prabavathy
Mr.S.Prabhakaran & Mr.R.Theenathayalan
Metal Powder Co., 2012 11.58 Lakhs
  5 Development of a suitable stabilization technique to improve CBR value of black cotton soil in rural areas Mr.P.Oliver Jayaprakash TNSCST 2011 6000
  6  Modernisation of Environmental Engg. Lab. Dr.S.Prabavathy
Mr. B. Chidambaram
AICTE 2010-12 14 Lakhs
  7 Modernisation of Remote Sensing & GIS Lab Dr.S.Prabavathy AICTE 2007-2009 12.00 Lakhs
  8 Establishment of Industry Institute Partnership Cell Dr.S.Prabavathy
Mr.P.Oliver Jayaprakash
AICTE 2007 1.0  Lakh
  9 Optimal reservoir operation rules for Pilavakkal scheme using AI based techniques Dr.C.Sivapragasam
DST 2004 10.64 Lakhs
 10 Establishment of Industry Institute Partnership Cell Dr.S.Prabavathy
Mr.P.Oliver Jayaprakash
AICTE 2003 7.1  Lakhs
 11 Flyash treated black cotton soil bricks for Virudhunagar District Mr. T.Sekar AICTE 2002 2 Lakhs
 12 Dynamic Testing facilities for Blast Prone Fireworks Industrial structures in the rural Tamilnadu Dr. M.S.Palanichamy AICTE 2001 10 Lakhs
 13 High strength low cost FRC from industrial waste fibres for better seismic-proof rural houses Mr. T.Sekar TNSCST 2001 5,000
 14 Design and Analysis of Impact Resistance Structures Dr. R.Velmurugan ISRO 2000 5 Lakhs
 15 Hi-tech low cost personal water purifier for rural masses Dr. M.S.Palanichamy Mr. Benny Joseph TNSCST 2000 6,000
 16 Low cost bricks from locally available black cotton soil and fly ash for rural mass housing Dr. M.S.Palanichamy Mr. T.Sekar TNSCST 2000 7,000
 17 Application of Locally Available Geo-Fabric (Gunny Bags) in  Slope Protection Dr. M.S.Palanichamy Dr. N.Mahendran TNSCST 1999 5,000
 18 Analysis of collapse mechanism of thin walled shells Dr. R.Velmurugan ARDB 1998 1.78 Lakhs
 19 Establishment of computer aided instructional  resources production centre for Civil Engg. department   with a special focus on structural Engg. Dr. M.S.Palanichamy AICTE 1997 5 Lakhs


Desalination of Brackish Water Dr. M.S.Palanichamy Mr. Benny Joseph TNSCST 1994 5,000
B.E.Civil Engineering
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2013-2015 Batch
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