Centre of Excellence in Structural Element Testing


       The Centre of Excellence in Structural Element Testing was established with an objective to focus on quality assurance of structural elements, innovative techniques and testing facilities for academic and research activities. It comprises strategic assets (process and technology) tied together to realize the vision of a centralized quality organization. The CSET leverages tools, techniques and methodologies to study various parameters like strength, stiffness, stability of the components or whole structure. The Centre also offers consultancy works related to beams, columns and composite members that would strengthen the Enterprises.

  • The Centre will be a focus for innovative research and the insights to shape the environment of the future in order to give access to as many people as possible for sustainable construction.
  • The centre has procured a number of equipment / instruments required for consultancy work and also take care of the periodical repairs / servicing required for them. It has also contributed to seminars / workshops and research oriented student’s projects.
  • Provide services to industry in a broad range of areas including structural testing, product development, scientific engineering and expert witness statements.

Major Objectives:

  • Promote research and develop appropriate technology.
  • Provide technical assistance to industries and user Organizations/Departments.
  • Establish testing/consultancy centres in various fields of engineering.
  • Procure state-of-the-art equipment required for testing/consultancy.
  • Arrange for servicing/repairs of equipment to keep them in good condition.

 Testing Capability:

  • Behavioural study of elements like beams, columns, floor, beam column joints and frames etc.,
  • Displacements and strain measurements
  • Failure Analysis
  • Impact Testing
  • Crack analysis


  • Test floor with loading frames of 50T and 200T capacities
  • Crane girder of 5T capacity (EOT)
  • Autoclave of 12 bar pressure
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Load cell
  • LVDT
  • Strain Gauge
B.E.Civil Engineering
2011-2015 Batch
B.E.Civil Engineering
2010-2014 Batch
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2009-2013 Batch
M.E.Structural Engineering
2013-2015 Batch
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