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B.Tech PEOs & POs

B.Tech Program Educational Objectives
  • Understand and apply the concepts of Biology, Chemical Engineering and related aspects of science and technology to pursue higher studies/Biotechnology oriented profession.
  • Identify, analyze and solve the problems with novelty and updated knowledge in product/process/techniques development to meet the societal demands.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical attitude with awareness of current issues and think about the social entailment of their work, especially its impact on safety, health and environment.
  • Effectively communicate technical information facilitating collaboration with experts across different disciplines and execute multidisciplinary projects.
  • Participate in team oriented, open ended activities aiding constructive thinking and recognize the value of continuing education.
  • Apply the acquired practical skills and broad biotechnological training to excel in entrepreneurship, teaching, research and development.
B.Tech Program Outcomes
  • Application of fundamentals of physical, chemical concepts and mathematics in Biotechnology
  • Showing originality and innovation in designing experiments, ability to think critically to analyze results and discussions of the experimental outcome in detail
  • Develop experimental protocol/ methodology/ process to achieve set of objectives with in constrains of bio safety
  • Adopt, grasp and absorb knowledge across disciplines and ability to integrate within research areas of Biotechnology
  • Trouble shoot experimental problems with intellectual agility
  • Disposing professional and ethical responsibility
  • Articulating concepts, hypothesis and problems eloquently
  • Understanding implications of Biotechnology in social context
  • Realizing significance of life-long learning by evincing interest in specialized areas of Biotechnology
  • Keeping updated with contemporary issues facilitating multi-dimensional learning process
  • Being inquisitive in understanding cutting edge areas of Biotechnology
  • Ability to plan, act and perform in consonance with set career goals and objectives

M.Tech PEOs & POs

M.Tech Program Educational Objectives
  • Acquire knowledge with an objective of developing innovative technologies.
  • Attain intellectual independence to be a successful leader, technocrat, teacher and scientist.
  • Acquire an ability to remain self motivated to be a successful team player.
  • Remain positive, proactive and patient to understand intricacies of Biotechnology for problem solving.
M.Tech Program Outcomes
  • Acquiring skills, knowledge and core competence in the cutting edge areas of Biotechnology.
  • Attain intellectual agility for logical reasoning in problem solving.
  • Ability to articulate debate and analyze scientific problems with clarity.
  • Understand and exercise social responsibility of being a Biotechnologist.
  • Behave to be a through professional by practicing ethical standards of Biotechnology.
  • Develop passion towards research and development by identifying core area of interest.
  • Ability to focus on minuteness, accuracy and precision while performing laboratory experiments.
  • Maintain integrity in performing, practicing and administering science and technology.