"Envisioning a World Lead by our Engineers, holding a Beacon of Hope and Confidence for Generations to come." "To Produce Competent, Disciplined and Quality Engineers & Administrators Through Service par Excellence."

To succeed in our mission, top priority has been given to discipline. "DISCIPLINE MAKES A NATION GREAT". Absolutely, there is no ragging inside or even outside the campus. Smoking is totally prohibited in the campus and this rule is not only applicable for our students, staff and Management, it is also applicable for the visitors and our honoured guests. No single student can be found loitering outside during the class hours. No marking of any sort can be found either on the walls or on furniture. This sort of practice has become the culture of the college and we are proud of it.

In the hostel rules, study hour and silence hour have been introduced which are strictly implemented. We strongly feel that such rules are essential as the students are in the adolescence period. As a result of this practice, our students have secured 800 University Ranks (49 First Rank) in UG and 281 Ranks in PG (41 First Rank)

They have also bagged many rolling shields and cups in all extra curricular activities including Sports, Fine Arts, Literary Association, N.S.S. and Photographic Club. Ours is coming as a model or ideal institution.

The Management, Principal and Members of the staff strive hard for the personality development of our students. In this temple of learning, we are not only involved in teaching the subjects, but also in imparting true education to the students to mould them as good citizens of the country.

Our goal is to develop this institution to the National / International Level by starting several post graduate courses and undertaking Research & Development work of a high order and finally raise the status to a Deemed University.